Take a VPN with you while on vacation to this countries

Think of a VPN for your vacation, especially in some countries

Take a VPN with you while on vacation to this countries

According to a study published in April 2016 and performed on 29000 people, 15% of french going on vacation this year plan to go abroad. Censorship is something quite common in some countries, she asks so to be equipped with a VPN before his departure.

This is a top 5 holiday destinations that require to be forward-looking:


Nation in Southeast Asia, Myanmar (ex-Burma), actively blocks Web sites that show violations of the human rights and / or disagree with the official Government. The country also filters e-mails, social networks and other forms of Web-based communications to block the dissident activity in the country. Internet cafes are required to keep a register of users and their activity and to make available to police these documents on request.

Viet Nam

The Viet Nam Communist Party allows its citizens to access standard Web such as Yahoo, Google and Microsoft’s MSN sites subject to these sites to provide the names of all the bloggers who use their services. In addition, the country blocks all sites that criticize the Government or communism and those who defend human rights, freedom and democracy.


The Turkey will be provided with means to censor the Internet as much as possible from mid-2014. The movement was intended to block dissent within the population and represented a step backward for a country also progressive. The new law requires that service providers keep data of all users for 2 years and remove all content say reprehensible within 4 hours.


Less than 40% of the inhabitants have access to the Internet, and are often forced to connect from Internet cafes, given the cost high to connect to the web. Internet access providers must report all bloggers to Government, including giving their names, addresses and personal information. All connections are routed through a central server where the content is filtered and emails are monitored. Bloggers and journalists who are suspected of “defaming” the Government or the military power are often imprisoned.


China is an another censor of well-known Internet. Although access to the Internet is vast, and there is an active social networking industry, the country blocking the IP, search filters and erases even the content or redirects queries to content restricted to information pro-China. The blockade, often referred to as the great firewall can be evaded with using vpn for china, using both technology and individuals for block access and limit the spread of information.

Thins to take into consideration while using a VPN abroad

When you enable the Bluetootoh option, hackers can access the networks to which you have already logged, imitate them and fool your computer or your mobile phone.

Configure your device geolocation app. You never know what can happen, and risks are probably most important holiday, when we got distracted. Anticipate the possibility that one of your devices being stolen, and install a tracker, for example, that will locate on each of them.

A second SIM card holiday special isn’t a bad idea. Your “regular” phone probably allows you to call from any country of the world. But for that, the mobile providers must share your identity and contact with their colleagues abroad. A gateway easy to hack when we was there knows a little.

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